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List of 31 Absconded Indian Businesspersons, Says MEA.

Ministry of Finance, the Indian Government has decided to introduce the ‘Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2018’ in the Parliament.


MEA Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India revealed the list of 31 Indian Businesspersons who absconded to abroad after being named in loan defaults and massive scams. Mr Vijay Mallya, Mr Jatin Mehta, Mr Lalit Modi, Mr Nirav Modi and Mr Mehul Choksi have placed the top on the list of 31 Absconded Indian Businesspersons.

31 Absconded Indian Businesspersons, Says Ministry of External Affairs

MEA officially Given this information to the Lok Sabha as a written reply. Also, M.J. Akbar (Minister of state for external affairs) confirmed that many businessmen had absconded and absconded to abroad after being named in massive scams and loan defaults. Later they had settled in various countries to escape.

The minister said in his reply the official list provided by the Directorate of Enforcement, New Delhi, the below-listed persons involved in cases under investigation by Directorate of Enforcement are reported to have absconded from India:

S. No Name S. No Name
1 Mr Vijay Mallya 7 Mr Sanjay Bhandari
2 Mr Jatin Mehta 8 Mr Nitin Jayantilal Sandesara
3 Mr Lalit Modi 9 Mr Chetan Jayantilal Sandesara
4 Mr Nirav Modi 10 Mr Dharminder Singh Anand
5 Mr Mehul Choksi 11 Mr Ashish Jobanputra
6 Mr Ritesh Jain 12 Ms Priti Jobanputra

In addition, M.J. Akbar said that the investigating agency CBI (Central Bureau Of Investigation) had also provided a list of businesspersons involved in the CBI cases and absconded to abroad.

31 Absconded Indian Businesspersons:

As per the official list provided by the CBI, New Delhi, the businessmen absconding abroad in CBI cases are:

S. No Name
1 Mr. Vijay Mallya
2 Mr. Soumit Jena
3 Mr. Vijaykumar Revabhai Patel
4 Mr. Sunil Ramesh Rupani
5 Mr. Pushpesh Kumar Baid
6 Mr. Surender Singh
7 Mr. Angad Singh
8 Mr. Harsahib Singh
9 Ms. Harleen Kaur
10 Mr. Ashish Jobanputra
11 Mr. Jatin Mehta
12 Mr. Nirav Modi
13 Mr. Neeshal Modi
14 Mrs. Ami Nirav Modi
15 Mr. Mehul Choksi
16 Mr. Chetan Jayantilal Sandesara
17 Ms. Dipti Chetan Sandesara
18 Mr. Nitin Jayantilal Sandesara
19 Mr. Sabhya Seth
20 Mr. Nilesh Parrekh
21 Mr. Umesh Parekh
22 Mr. Sunny Kalra
23 Ms. Aarti Kalra
24 Mr. Sanjay Kalra
25 Mrs. Varsha Kalra
26 Mr. Hemant Gandhi
27 Mr. Ishwarbhai Bhat
28 Mr. M.G. Chandrasekhar
29 Mr. Cheriya Vannarakkal Sudeer
30 Mr. Nausha Kadeejath
31 Mr. Cheriya Veettil Sadique

The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) has received extradition requests from the CBI with respect to Mallya, Jobanputra, Pushpesh Kumar Baid, Sanjay Kalra, Varsha Kalra and Arti Kalra, which have been sent to the foreign countries concerned for their consideration, he informed the House. And, M.J. Akbar said the extradition request from CBI in respect of Sunny Kalra was under process by the MEA.

Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill 2018:

Minister M.J Akbar said as per the information provided by Ministry of Finance, the Indian Government has decided to introduce the ‘Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2018’ in the Parliament. Adding that the Bill would help in laying down measures to deter fugitive economic offenders from evading the process of Indian law.

M.J Akbar added that the Bill, inter alia, provides for expeditious confiscation of proceeds of crime and properties of the fugitive economic offender with a view to making him submit to the jurisdiction of courts in India.

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