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Best Indian Cities: Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune Are The Best Cities To Live In.


Hyderabad has placed 1st in Best Indian Cities. According to rankings of Mercer’s Quality of Living.


Best Indian Cities: Hyderabad (The city of nizams) has been ranked 144th in the global ranking, dropped 5 positions from last year. Hyderabad is closely followed by Pune and Bengaluru, at 145 and 146 ranks respectively.

Other Indian cities that made it to the list of 231 cities are Chennai at rank 151, Mumbai at 154, Kolkata at 160 while national capital New Delhi was at the 161  position.

What worked Hyderabad’s favour, according to the report, is its “relatively lower crime rate, lesser air pollution and improved options for international and reputable English speaking schools”.

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Mercer’s survey, covering over 230 cities across the globe, is conducted annually to enable multinational companies and other employers compensate its employees fairly, while sending them on international assignments.

Mercer is a global human resources consulting firm and the rankings indicate differences in quality of living factors affecting expatriates in popular assignment destinations.

Globally, Vienna walked away with the honour, for the fourth time in a row.

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