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Dharshana MV: Partial Vision never stopped me From Dreaming.


Dharshana MV is Blind in Right Eye. And has an only partial vision in left Eye, She scored 96.2% in CBSE 2017.

Dharshana MV CBSE Topper
Dharshana MV CBSE topper 2017

Dharshana MV CBSE topper 2017:

MV Dharshana told (to media) “Preparation was bit challenging, but I did it all with the support of my family and teachers,”

Also, she said “I used magnifying glasses for reading books. I selected Computer Science as my 5th subject, but I could not spend a lot of time on computers. I wanted to score more, but my studying hours never crossed late in the night. It had to be done during the day,”.

Dharshana MV says wanted to take commerce and come up with “original ideas in financial management”. “Commerce as a subject was new to me but the teachers made sure that my concepts were clear and there support is the backbone of my success,”.

Also said that “The fact that I have partial vision has never stopped me from dreaming,”. Apart from school classes she used to hear audio and took extra classes to be ahead of others. Darshana MV said “My school did everything to make me forget about my disability, so I could concentrate on learning. I always felt like a normal kid,”.

She does not want to participate in the rat race to join colleges in Delhi and Mumbai. “I want to study here because I am passionate about Karnataka music.

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I want to be an entrepreneur and at the same time be a singer. MS Subbulakshmi is my inspiration. I practice at home and sometimes I sing at concerts. people appreciate my singing talent and I do not want to leave it only for a Delhi or Mumbai college,” she said.

MV Darshana Said “I am going to have both music and finance as my career,”

Darshana MV father R Mohan is a businessman in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu State, said initially there were problems due to the partial blindness of his daughter but she has found her way into the world. “Now, we as parents have stopped worrying,” he said with a sense of attainment.

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