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Election Commission Of India Network


Election Commission Of India Network:

Election Commission Of India (ECI) Is introducing a umbrella network called ECI Network (Election Commission Of India Network) to eradicate duplicate EPIC (Electoral Polling Identity Card) cards in India, this is a centralized national network. In the below we have discussed about ECI Network.

Election Commission Of India Netowrk

ERO Net (Electoral Roll Registration Officers Network)

Unified ERMS service at the national level.

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ERO Operations:

  1. Approve or reject forms.
  2. Monitor and permits migration of entry to EROs.
  3. Generation of EPIC number.
  4. Schedule hearing.
  5. Re-initiate process of field verification.

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AERO Operations:

  1. Assign Part/Section/BLO.
  2. Request for deletion to other AC`s ERO`s in case migration.
  3. Submission to ERO for approval or rejection.
  4. QR code data file generation and handling over to SLA.

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Supervisor Operations:

  1. Check and verifies all the digitized documents.
  2. View the verfication report, checklists and provides recommendations to AERO with remarks.

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BLO Operations:

  1. Collection of application forms, checklists and proofs from ERO office.
  2. Undertake field visits verifies applicants details and files checklists.
  3. Submits field verification reports using mobile and physical form.

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Data Entry Operators:

  1. Digitization of offline forms.
  2. BLO field verification report entry.
  3. Upload accepted and scanned forms and supporting documents.
  4. Data entry of corrections.

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Benefits to Applicants:

  1. Timely processing of forms for including modification or deletion in E-ROLL.
  2. Email and sms based notification to applicants.
  3. Field verification made easy, can be submitted using mobile app.

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