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Emflux One: An Electric Super-bike Made in India


Emflux One is the very first indigenous electric sports bike in India. A Banglore based start-up ‘Emflux Motors’ had showcased its masterpiece electric bike at the event Auto Expo 2018.

Emflux One – An Eco-Friendly Electric Superbike, Made In India:

Emflux Motors One Electric Superbike Sports bike

Emflux One is a high-performance eco-friendly electric sports bike made in India, built by a Banglore based start-up ‘Emflux motors’. This electric superbike powered by a 9.7kwh Samsung lithium-ion battery and an 80hp electric motor. It is claimed that this battery powered bike can reach 0 – 100 in just 3.0 seconds.

Moreover this, Emflux One is the most sophisticated electric bike with aero-dynamic design and aggressive eye-catching sporty look. Its design is quite similar to Ducati Panigale and Aprilia RS sports bikes.

How much time does Emflux One take to recharge the battery?

It typically took 45 mins to fully charge the battery, as it uses a DC fast charger to charge the battery.

While the world looking towards alternative sources and eco-friendly solutions, technically Emflux One is a step ahead.

Emflux One Technical Specifications:

While this electric sports bike promising the performance compared to mid-range petrol-powered sports bikes, it is also equipped with a bunch of premium features and high-end technology. The Emflux One superbike will be driven by a liquid-cooled AC induction motor will source power from high power 9.7kwh Samsung lithium-ion battery. Its 80 horsepower motor can produce a maximum of 80bhp and 84nm of torque, and the top speed of the Emflux One is 200 kmph. A full charge can go 200kms in average city traffic conditions.

Emflux One Features:

Emflux One is packed with a few high-end features and technology like Brembo brakes with dual channel ABS. Its advanced regenerative braking system can generate electricity while breaking and store it in the battery. For the suspension duty, it uses advanced Ohlins shock absorbers — inverted telescopic suspension at the front and sporty mono shock suspension in the rear. And its single-sided swingarm emphasis its sportive look and feel.

It is packed with advanced features like 7-inch touchscreen display for instrument cluster which features GPS navigation, Jio TV, artificial intelligence (A.I.), real-time diagnostics, smartphone, apps and bike-to-bike connectivity.

Emflux One Price and Release Date:

The price of is expected to be under INR 6 lakhs, interested buyers can pre-book online this electric superbike. However, Emflux motors planning to deliver the bikes by the first-quarter of 2019. The homegrown electric sports bike will be available touch point in major cities like New Delhi, Bangaluru, and Mumbai in the initial phase. Later they planning to export to  Canada, Mexico, and some Europian countries. For those who don’t like things full fair sporty looks, they will also launch a naked bike called the Emflux Two.

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