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Top Exports and Imports of India 2018 [Indian Economy].


In the world, India placed 18th in the largest export economy. India has exported $256B and imported $344B in the year 2016. According to the EXIM Bank (Export-Import Bank of India), India’s merchandise trade has increased every year this will show how India growing.  And, take look at exports and imports of India, Top Export and Import destinations of India and, Top Export Destinations of India.

Top Exports and Imports of India 2018

Top Exports and Imports of India:

If you look into top exports and imports of India? The top exports to India are Refined Petroleum, Diamonds, Jewellery, Packaged Medicaments, and Cars. As per the 1992 revision of Harmonized System (HS) classification, India top imports are Crude Petroleum, Gold, Diamonds, Coal Briquettes, and Telephones.

India exports imports chart

Top Export and Import destinations of India:

The top export destinations of India are the US (United States), the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Hong Kong, China and the UK (United Kingdom). And, the top import destinations are China, the US (United States), Hong Kong, Switzerland and South Korea.

List of Largest Trading Partners of India:

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry official report revealed that only 15 largest trading partners (countries) of India represent 59.37% of total trade by India in 2016. These reports do not include services of foreign direct investment. But, it includes trade in goods and commodities. Check out the list of largest trading partners or countries of India.

Rank Country Exports Imports Total Trade Balance
1  China 9.01 61.71 70.72 -52.7
2  United States 40.34 21.78 62.12 18.55
3  United Arab Emirates 30.29 19.45 49.74 10.84
4  Saudi Arabia 6.39 20.32 26.72 -13.93
5   Switzerland 0.98 19.3 20.28 -18.32
6  Germany 7.09 12.09 20.33 -5.25
7  Hong Kong 12.09 6.05 19.17 8.03
8  Indonesia 2.82 13.13 19.05 -10.96
9  South Korea 3.52 13.05 18.13 -8.93
10  Malaysia 3.71 9.08 16.93 -5.3
11  Singapore 7.72 7.31 16.93 2.68
12  Nigeria 2.22 9.95 16.36 -11
13  Belgium 5.03 8.26 16.33 -5.29
14  Qatar 0.9 9.02 15.66 -13.55
15  Japan 4.66 9.85 15.52 -4.75
16  Iraq 1 10.84 15.08 -13.42
17  Kuwait 1.25 4.97 14.58 -12.18
18  United Kingdom 8.83 5.19 14.34 4.3
19  Iran 2.78 6.28 13.13 -4.78
20  Australia 3.26 8.9 13.03 -7.47
21  Venezuela 0.13 5.7 11.99 -11.47
22  South Africa 3.59 5.95 11.72 -3.4
Remaining Countries 126.78 104.92 231.7 21.86
India’s Total 262.29 381.01 758.3 -137.63

Note: China, United States (US), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Switzerland countries are the top 5 Largest Trading Partners or Countries of India.

What India exports to China?

India and China

The main items India exports to China are ores, slag and ash, iron and steel, plastics, organic chemicals, and cotton. Iron and ore constitute 53% of the total Indian exports to China. And the other items potentials are marine products, oil seeds, salt, inorganic chemicals, plastic, rubber, optical and medical equipment, and dairy products.

What India exports to United States (US)?

US (United States) is the largest export destination to India. The top items India exports to the United States are precious metal and stone (diamonds), machinery, optical and medical instruments, mineral fuels, and electrical machinery.

What India exports to United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

India ranks third place in the world to export to the UAE. And both countries have more opportunities for economic cooperation between UAE and India. Presently India exporting Jewellery, Refines Petroleum, Gold, Coal Tar Oil, and Rice items to United Arab Emirates (UAE).

What India exports to Saudi Arabia?

Indian economy has helped trade with Saudi Arabia. The Both countries was agreed to launch joint ventures for developing gas-based fertilizer plants in Saudi Arabia. And India was agreed to set up higher education and research institutes to provide educational opportunities for Saudi Arabian students. Also, agreed to cooperation between India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and the Saudi Arabian Standards Organisation (SASO).

The 10 major items that India exports to Saudi Arabia are Oil, Cereals, Machinery, Iron or Steel Products, Organic Chemicals, Meat, Vehicles, Ceramic Products, Electronic Equipments, and Clothing.

What India exports to Switzerland?

As per the report, Switzerland imports from India are growing day by day it expanded 5.9%. The main items India exports to Switzerland are textiles and garments, organic chemicals, precious stones and jewellery, dyestuffs, machinery and parts, leather products, shoes and shoe uppers, cotton, plastics, coffee, tea, and hand-knotted carpets. India stands at 22nd position worldwide to export to Switzerland. And Switzerland stands at 44th position worldwide in terms of countries importing from India.

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