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Free Wi-Fi Hotspots ‘Hy Fi’ Upto 10 Mbps Launched in Hyderabad


The ‘Hy Fi’ Hotspots Offers an Assured 5-10 Mbps Speed Internet for 30 Minutes.

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Telangana government launched free Wifi hotspot for public called ‘Hy Fi’ in Hyderabad on Tuesday 20 Jun 2017, in associating with telecom service providers. The prominent telco’s BSNL, Airtel, and ACT Fibernet are serving as telecom operators and infrastructure providers. The budget for this project around Rs 300 crore.

While speaking to media, Mr Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of Information Technology said that “Hyderabad city is fastly moving towards Smart City, presently the project “Hy-Fi” has 1,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots in the city and there is a plan to launch another 2,000 hotspots across the city within the two months.” and he also claimed that “Business persons, Entrepreneurs, Shopkeepers, Tourists, Women and Students will benefit with this project” he added.

No surprise, the project was initiated in 2015 as a part of “Digital Telangana” which started in Shopping malls, Public Offices, Government Schools and Colleges, Police Stations, and Tourist spots with over 100 wi-fi hotspots. Over the past two years, the numbers have increased up to 250 wi-fi hotspots. The Government of Telangana now decided to scale up the “Hy-Fi” project to cover more than 3,000 public wi-fi hotspots across the city. While, the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), the apex industry association of telecom services providers, mobile and internet companies, are being the technical advisors to the project “Hy-Fi” is notable.

The project was inaugurated by Greater Hyderabad Mayor Mr Bonthu Rammohan, said Hy-Fi is the another example to prove that Hyderabad is a truly connected city even on the digital front.

“Hyderabad and Telangana will be the inspiration for the rest of the country with this digital initiation of Hy-Fi,” said Rajan S. Mathews, Director General of COAI.

Indus Towers will provide infrastructure for the project while Act Fibrenet, Airtel, and BSNL will offer internet connectivity, offering 30 minutes of free Internet with an assured bandwidth 5-10 Mbps speed. It is also suggested to the Internet Service Providers and all project partners to enable quality service and smooth execution of the programme.

“In this fast-growing digital economy, our partnership with Telangana government will strengthen the Internet connectivity in Hyderabad,” said Bala Malladi, CEOA AACT Fibernet.