A box contains 6 red balls, 7 yellow balls, and 2 green balls. All the balls are the same except for their color, Jaime picks a ball from thebox, records the color, then returns the ball to the box. He does this 3 timesWhat is the probability that all three balls that Jaime picked were red?

Accepted Solution

Ball is drawn 3 times with replacement =[tex](\frac{6}{15})^{3}[/tex]=[tex](\frac{2}{5})^{3} }[/tex]What is Probability?It is Possibility of an event to likely to happen .How to calculate?formula to calculate=[tex]\frac{ Favourable number of outcomes}{ total no. of outcomes}[/tex]Given red balls=6P(r)=1/6yellow balls=7P(y)=1/7green balls=2p(g)=1/2Probability of balls taken out being red= [tex]\frac{6}{6+7+2}[/tex]=[tex]\frac{6}{15}[/tex]Ball is drawn 3 times with replacement =[tex](\frac{6}{15})^{3}[/tex]=[tex](\frac{2}{5})^{3} }[/tex]Learn more about probability