Cari owns a horse farm and a horse trailer that can transport up to 8,000 pounds of livestock and tack. She travels with 5 horses with a combined weight is 6,240 pounds. Let t represent the average weight of tack per horse. Which of the following inequalities could be used to determine the weight of tack Cari can allow for each horse?6,240+t<=8,0008000>=6,240t6240+5t<=8,0008,000+6,240<=5t8000-6240>=5t

Accepted Solution

5 horses with a combined weight of 6,240 pounds
horse trailer has a limit of 8,000 pounds of horse and tacks.

Find the weight of tack, t, for each horse that Cari can allow.

5t + 6,240 <  8,000

5t + 6,240 < 8,000
    - 6,240    -6,240
5t              < 1,760
÷5                 ÷5    
 t               <  352

Each horse can carry a tack that weighs no more than 352 pounds. 

Any tack that weighs beyond 352 pounds is will exceed the maximum carrying capacity of the horse trailer.