in a trapezium 7.9cm + 6.2cm. 10.8cm what is the area

Accepted Solution

[tex]\text{Hey there!}[/tex][tex]\text{In a trapezium 7.9cm + 6.2cm + 10.8 cm. What is the area?}[/tex][tex]\text{In order for you to find the answer add since that is how the equation}\\\text{is set up for you!}[/tex][tex]\text{An easier way to solve this break the equation down to methods}\\\text{that you understand.}[/tex][tex]\text{Anywho!}[/tex][tex]\bf{7.9cm+6.2cm}\text{+ 10.8 = area}[/tex][tex]\bf{7.9 + 6.2 = 14.1}[/tex][tex]\bf{14.1+}\text{10.8}=\underline{\bf{area}}[/tex][tex]\bf{14.1}\text{ + 10.8 =\underline{\bf{24.9}}}[/tex][tex]\boxed{\boxed{\text{Thus, your area/ answer is: \underline{\bf{24.9cm}}}}}\checkmark[/tex][tex]\text{Good luck on your assignment and enjoy your day!}[/tex]~[tex]\frak{LoveYourselfFirst:)}[/tex]