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Best Google Play Store Alternatives for 2018


If you are looking for some other source to download apps and games for free? You can download your favourite games and apps from there for free then you have landed on the right page. Because here in this blog post I will describe you the best Google Play Store alternatives of 2018 which are really awesome.Alternatives Google Play Store Download Apps Games Free Ac Market Apk, Google Play Store AlternativesAnd you know what the best thing is, we have picked each and every app individually and are posting here after researching a lot. So, we hope you will love them. Before we start I will answer a very popular question:

Why Do We Need Google Play Store Alternatives?

Well, it may be a strange thing for a lot of users that why we need play store alternatives when we can download more than 2 million Android apps and games from the Play Store. Well, the answer is very simple, there are thousands of apps and games which are not on the Play Store like BCMON and a lot of other apps and games are also not on the Google Play Store. Now I think you have got the answer, let’s dive into the best Google play store alternatives for 2018.

Best Google Play Store Alternatives:

Here I will list the top rated sites and apps stores that are available for downloading apps on Android devices. Some apps and games are so cool that you can also download the paid games for free too.

So, it will be very exciting for sure!

Aptoide – The Best Play Store Alternative:

Aptoide is the number one app on our list. It is a well-designed and highly secure app with more than 150 Million users all over the world. It was launched back in 2009 and apps have been downloaded for more than 3 billion times.Alternatives Google Play Store Download Apps Games Free Aptoide

Not only this there are many versions of the app available for different purposes, such as you can download, Aptoide Kids which is designed for kid’s devices, Aptoide TV which is designed for Smart TVs.

Amazon Appstore:

Amazon Appstore is also a good choice as it is now also being pre-installed on the Amazon Fire devices which makes this app store more popular. Alternatives Google Play Store Download Apps Games Free Amazon Appstore

The best thing which I like about this app is that you can also download the paid apps and games for free too from this app store. Moreover, you can find almost all the popular apps and games. The backside of using this Google Play Store alternative is that you cannot get some apps as it lacks a few apps but still you can find all the popular games there.

Opera Mobile Store:

Most of us are already aware of the name “Opera”. This is a browser available for all the operating systems which they can use for surfing the internet.Alternatives Google Play Store Download Apps Games Free Opera Mobile Store

Opera is free for all users and now they have even enhanced their performance on all devices. Opera Mobile Store is a good alternative to the Google Play Store as from here you can download all the popular games and app. In fact, you can also get some paid games for free which they list on daily basis.

Ac Market:

Ac Market or AcMarket is my favourite app because it provides the amazing user experience. Although this all is new it is developing very fast and not it has more than 1 Million apps available and the developers are continually working to improve it.

Alternatives Google Play Store Download Apps Games Free Ac Market Apk

From Ac Market, you can download the paid and cracked apps for free. Normally the app stores provide the apk files but the ac market also provides the cracked version which makes it special and I think this is the reason I am listing it here.

So, We hope you have enjoyed our article Best Google Play Store Alternatives for 2018. If you have any questions & suggestions or if you use some other play store alternatives then you can let us know below in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.