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Gurugram School Kid Threatened To Rape his Teacher and Her Daughter.


A Gurugram School kid has shocked everyone by threatening to Rape his Teacher and Her Daughter on Facebook.

School Kid Threatened To Rape his Teacher and Her Daughter on Social Media.

The Social Media has influenced young minds in many ways. A lot of them became negative and dangerous. In a recent case, a 13-years-old student studying seventh class in elite Gurugram school threatened to rape one his teachers and her minor daughter. He did this on a Social Media platform Facebook.

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A similar incident from the same school in the same week one teenage student emailed to his teacher, which he offered a joyride, candlelight date and sex. The Facebook post of the student has shocked the teacher and her daughter. They have not attended classes, the victim is learnt to be the accused student’s classmate.

Taking this incident as a serious issue, the district Child Welfare Committee has decided to issue a notice to the school and is mulling counselling sections for the children as well as school authorities.

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District Child Welfare Committee chairperson Shakuntala Dhull said: “A notice will be sent to the school and the children. They will be called for questioning. Counselling sessions will be held for the school authorities, including the teachers and kids”.