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The science behind Healthy, Delicious Til Ladoo


The delicious Til Ladoo (Sesame Seeds). Though most of us gulp down the Til Ladoo, little do we know the science behind it.

The science behind Healthy, Delicious Til Ladoo

Apart from common knowledge that Til in combination with God, is a rich source of energy, but deep down there is much more scientific data that one needs to go through to understand the wonder called, Indian tradition.

Nandini Bhojraj, Pradhan Vaidya, Gau Anusandhan Kendra, and an Ayurveda expert helps us in understanding the science behind the culture. She says that this is thousand years old science and this old tradition is based on our ancient medical science.

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The science behind Healthy, Delicious Til Ladoo:

“Til-Gud has special importance in this season. There are white, red and black types of Til, which act differently on body. Amongst three, red Til is most beneficial to health. In this season, skin goes dry and Til has a best quality to overcome dryness,” said Dr.

Bhojraj, adding, “Til has lipids which help us not only to maintain oil in the body but it is also a rich source of copper, manganese and calcium.”

In combination with Gud (Jaggery) the nutritional value is enhanced. Gud is full of iron, which helps in enhancing haemoglobin. Dr Bhojraj also highlighted, “Consumption of Til Ladoo prepares body for next dry season that is summer, as mentioned in Ayurveda. Hence, at least one Ladoo a day is beneficial for body. Yes, diabetes patients have to take care but for health benefits, restricted consumption should be followed.”

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Kavita Gupta, a famous dietitian also mentions the importance of Til. “As Til is rich source of protein, calcium and fibres, it helps body to enhance its metabolism.” She further added, “Nowadays diet conscious youngsters avoid enjoying Til Ladoo. But actually it helps in curing problems related to bones and skin.

Til Ladoo is the best tonic for a glowing skin and ravishing hair. Anything overdone will cause the problem, hence understanding the health benefits of Til Ladoo one should enjoy the flavour.” Also, know how to make Pasta Sandwich.