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India Forgot To Celebrate Harika Dronavalli


India Forgot To Celebrate Harika Dronavalli, Who Won Bronze Medal At World Chess Championship

Harika Dronavalli

In India, all Sports Achievers are getting disappoint every time, except Cricketers. Every year, thousands of aspiring minds battle their way through the top of their game, but they rarely make it to everyone’s notice. Harika Dronavalli is one such name in disappointed Sports Achievers!

In World Chess Championship Harika Dronavalli won us a Bronze Medal by beating 64 women in the tournament, that was held in Tehran from 11 February to 5 March 2017.

When she came back home (india) after this glorious victory, there was no ceremony, celebrations and show for her. This champion was only greeted by her parents at the airport and nobody from the AICF (All India Chess Federation) showed up. Unlike India’s Popular sport Cricket, her victory didn’t become the talk of the town!

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Harika come from Hyderabad and prepared seriously for this competition. At the championship, many competitors opted out from the league because Tehran demanded competitors to wear hijab (a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women) as part of tradition, but Harika went on to diss the ephemeral catch. As a child too, she only dreamt of becoming a world champion and she almost did that.

Chess being a difficult game is being judged on small errors and these slips cost participants some points. During the event, Harika was very close to winning the semi-final round, but a small error took the title away.

However, the woman (Harika Dronavalli) did us proud, but Indians completely forgot to celebrate her glorious victory. While she made her way to the top after beating many of powerful chess players in the knockout round, India was busy obsessing over the cricket test series!