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Indians on Forbes Super Achievers List


Olympic star Deepa Karmakar, Olympic medalist Sakshi Malik and actress Alia Bhatt are placed on Forbes Super Achievers list from Asia under the age of 30. This list includes more than 50 Indians.

Indians on Forbes Super Achievers List

Forbes Super Achievers (Indians):

Deepa Karmakar:

Deepa Karmakar, age 23, who became the 1st Indian female gymnast to ever compete in the Olympics during the last games held in Rio de Janeiro. And the 1st Indian gymnast to compete in 52 years.


“While she did not win a medal, she ranked an 4th on her 1st Olympic games, she was missed the bronze by 0.15 points. Forbes said adding that she performed the Produnova vault in the finals – making her one of only five gymnasts to ever successfully do so.

Sakshi Malik:

Sakshi Malik forbes

Sakshi Malik, age 24, became the 1st woman from India to win a medal in Rio Olympics in wrestling. She got the bronze medal. Forbes noted that Sakshi Malik, who hails from small Indian town Rohtak, faced a lot of local opposition to her desire to wrestle when she took up the sport at age 12.

Srikanth Bolla:

Srikanth Bolla forbes

Srikanth Bolla, age 25, founder of Bollant Industries has well known for manufacturing and energy category. Srikanth Bolla blind man, he was born in a formers family who is living in rural India and went on to become the 1st international blind student at MIT, where he studied business management.

Ali Bhatt:

alia bhatt topless photo shoot

Ali Bhatt, age 24, has acted in over 20 high-grossing Bollywood movies, with at least six of them grossing well over $15 million worldwide in opening weeks.

Sharath Gaykwad:

Sharath Gayakwad forbes

Sharath Gayakwad, age 25, India’s 1st Paralympic swimmer, coach and Arjuna award winner who has won 96 medals.

Trisha Shetty:

Trisha Shetty forbes

Trisha Shetty, age 26, he is the founder of SheSays, an Indian non-profit that empowers the women in India to act against sexual violence by providing education, legal, medical as well as psychological support.

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