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Inspiring Stories of Indian Slum People


Here are the real-life stories of successful people, who emerged from Indian Slums. They proved that the heroes can emerge from any place such as slums and poor families. Let’s check out the Amazing and Inspiring stories of Indian Slum People.

9 Inspiring Stories of Indian Slum People:

There are many people living in Slum areas. And we hope this article may inspire them to get success in their lives. Here are the stories of people who meet success even born in Indian Slums.

1. SSP Chowrasia – Who Represented India at the Rio Olympics:

Shiv Shankar Prasad Chowrasia, was born and bought up from Kolkata slums with seven siblings and his parents. Now he owns 3 houses in Kolkata and SSP Chowrasia is India’s most successful golfers.SSP ChowrasiaChowrasia is Indian professional golfer, and he won 6 Asian Tours since 2008. He received Arjuna Award for Golf. His story is an inspiration to everyone.

2. Prathamesh Hirve – ISRO’s first scientist from Mumbai:

A 25-years-old Prathamesh Hirve is the 1st scientist in ISRO. Prathamesh was born in the small and poor family from the slums of Filterpada in Powai, Mumbai. And, he became one of the 9 people who selected for ISRO.

Prathamesh Hirve selected to ISRO from among 16,000 applicants, and he placed 9th position. This was Prathamesh Hirve’s 2nd attempt after failed to qualify in his 1st attempt. But, 10 years of hard work paid off and he did not let his failures defeat him.

3. Chandan Nayak – Journey from Odisha slum to Germany:

11-years-old boy Chandan Nayak, who lives in Sabar Sahi slums Odisha made our country feel proud. Chandan Nayak got the chance to train with the Bayern Munich Academy in Germany.

Chandan Nayak came from poor family his father had deserted him at very young age. And, his mother works as a servant in many places to manage the family. Nayak is a very good football player and proved his talent.

In Germany, Chandan Nayak will play with Philipp Lahm. The best coaches in the world will train him in Germany. Across the world around 120 students going to Germany along with Nayak. In the training, he will receive from what we cannot give him in India. It is a huge opportunity for Chandan Nayak.

4. Nisar Ahmad Indian Sprinter:

Nasir Ahmad is resident of a slum in Delhi and, the son of a rickshaw-puller. This Rikshaw puller’s son selected for training at the world’s famous track called Racers Track Club in Kingston, Jamaica. This is the home track for Usain Bolt and his coach, Glen Mills.Nasir Ahmad Indian Sprinter

This Delhi teenager recently rewrote the U-16 sprint record at the Junior National in Vijayawada. His timing in 100m is 10.85s and he did 200m in 21.73s. Nasir Ahmad’s coach Sunitha Rai is very happy with the performance, and she was giving coaching to him for the past 4 years.

Ahmed said: “When I reached Vijayawada, I was nervous because the best runners from the country were going to be there. So I was a bit shocked to see that the second-best runner was almost two metres behind me,”

5. Vikas, Runs a YouTube channel:

Vikas is hailing from Mumbai slum, he found the magic of the internet and running 2 YouTube channels. One of his YouTube channels is Mad About Tech. Vikas tells people how to use their laptops and phones through this channel, Vikas tells people how to use their laptops, phones and offers everyday solutions with the Mad About Tech YouTube Channel.

Vikas told to UNICEF “The thinking of the society is that [if] boys went in a wrong way, they are boys so boys can do anything. So that is why girls are given more security and not letting them [get] exposure in their life.”

6. Priyanka Patil – From Indian Slum to a US University:

Priyanka Patil, who lived in a Pune slum. She got an opportunity in a ‘Teach for India’ initiative, that helped Priyanka to realise her potential and fulfil her dreams. Priyanka Patil’s hard work took her to overseas and she got admission into a US University.Priyanka Patil

Priyanka Patil

Priyanka Aim in Life:

Priyanka Patil wants to work for the slum community in India. She said “I want to work with kids in the education sector in India. There is a lot to be done for the government schools and low-income schools there, to ensure that kids like me, who come from poor backgrounds, are not stopped in any way from going ahead in life. I have a special connection with my country and I want to work for my people. This will give me the ultimate happiness and satisfaction.”

Priyanka’s universal message is: “You have to be happy in whatever work you are doing. Personal satisfaction is very important for me. When you are satisfied, it brings you happiness. So make the best use of your resources and continue to be happy.”

7. Shahnawaz Shaikh and Zakir Khan – Red Boys Foundation:

Shahnawaz Shaikh and Zakir Khan are the founders of Red Boys Foundation. They built this with the help of friends in Bharath Nagar, Mumbai.Shahnawaz Shaikh and Zakir Khan – Red Boys Foundation

Shahnawaz Shaikh and Zakir Khan – Red Boys FoundationThe main mission of Red Boys Foundation is to address and abolish one of the biggest issues existing in Mumbai slums. Such as illiteracy, alcoholism and drug abuse. These people create awareness in schools and colleges. And, also these guys rehabilitate drug addicts.

8. These Kids Journeyed to London from Indian Slums:

Indian Kids slum to london

Among 2,250 children, 10 Indian kids were hand-picked from School Football Championship of 2015 to train at Crystal Palace Football Club in the United Kingdom (UK). These kids hailed from slums in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

9. Dharavi girl, who is breaking barriers with education:


Residing in Mumbai slums, this girl does not like when people talk to her in Hindi. Because she is from Dharavi, and whenever they speak to her in Hindi, she replies in English. Because she goes to school and is well educated. With a dream to write a book and sell it around the world, she thinks “that even though we grow up in a slum, we can be educated, speak English and make a mark for ourselves”.

These are the Inspiring Stories Indian Slum People. And these are the examples to show how an opportunity can be realized into a dream with hard work and determination. With a heart full of hope, there is nothing is impossible in the world.