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Youtube Telugu Star: Jahnavi Dasetty as Mahatalli.


Telugu Short film actress Jahnavi Dasetty (South Indian), speaks of her youtube web series Mahathalli, and she desires is to entertain the audience by doing more short films.

Telugu Youtube star Jahnavi Dasetty a fashion designer

Jahnavi Dasetty Wiki, Biography:

Short Film Actress Jahnavi Dasetty was hailed from Kurnool, living in Hyderabad, she dreamed of doing something creative and not to become just engineer or doctor. Her great enthusiasm and energy make got an admission in NIFT Hyderabad (National Institute of Fashion Technology), Hyderabad and in the expected course, a short film period. While acting in short films made by her friends, she discovered she wanted to be an entertainer.

By doing short films Jahnavi Dasetty becomes short film star’, after that she started making a comedy series Mahathalli-Mahanubhavudu, as a result of Mahathalli-Mahanubhavudu, the name sticking to her as a Mahatalli. The success of Mahathalli resulted in another series (co-presented by Wirally South) with an ‘AIB-like’ take on contemporary issues, a mix of fiction and reality, tie up in a comic exterior.

Watch Aha Naa Pelli Anta web series by Mahatalli:

“Ours is a traditional family; my parents were seriously angry with me for choosing short film industry. Initially, there was not much support. Over time, they saw my rapid schedules and the hard work we put in to get each frame perfect. Now, they are very happy with my progress,” the girl beams with enthusiasm as she talks. The motive behind her web series is just to be herself and not ‘act’.

Jahnavi Dasetti episodes popular Mahatalli web series on youtube, here are some popular episodes IPL Mahanubhavulu, Actual Date vs. Honest Date, Ammalu Vaalla Pelli Godavalu.Watch Mahatalli Short films on youtube.

At the start, she used to come on the sets with the most important point of the idea, sans a script and worked on it with the director spontaneously as the camera rolled on. “It was only with the growing responses that I began writing my lines and a structure started emerging,” Jahnavi reveals, citing the globally popular Superwoman series as an inspiration. She said thanks to this stint, especially for the command she’s got over Telugu.

She thanks her short film directors for bringing the best out of her. Jahnavi Ddasetty was also a stylist for Thanu Nenu, the directorial debut of P. Rammohan (known as Uyyala Jampala writer) With no plans to work in the television industry, she is being in the rare league of having Telugu channel and a series of her own. The next big thing she wants in life is a home in Hyderabad.

Jahnavi Dasetty said “I am happy going with the flow and not trying too hard to enter films. As long as I bring smiles and entertain, I’ll be fine.”

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