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Katrina Kaif lips: Secret revealed Behind her Lips.


Katrina Kaif Lips secrets revealed, here is the amazing secret behind Katrina kaif’s pink glossy lips.

Katrina Kaif Lips

Apart from Katrina Kaif always using a lip balm will make your lips amazing and glossy. If you want to get the same glossy pinkness lips? take tips from her to choose good lip balm which has nourishing properties.

Katrina Kaif Lips plastic surgery before and after photos:

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Benefits of using lip balm:

Using lip balms to make or keep your lips moisture, nourished and hydrated. Lip balm contains emollients this will makes your skin younger and softer. Our lips produce oil naturally to keep nourished. Because of stress, lifestyle and weather lip balm will help in nourishment.

Heal your lips and protect from the sun:

The outer lips built with the sensitive and thin skin layer. This is easier to chap and flake compared to skin anywhere else on your body.

Using a lip balm to keep lips gently and healthy, lip balm makes outer layer lips stay smooth and supple. Before going out in the sun, apply lip balm having at least SPF 15, and reapply for every two hours for maximum benefit. Get more health tips follow us on Facebook!

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Make your own lip balm:

Make your own lip balm at your home by simply reading and following this guide, take a small pan, add 2 spoons coconut oil, add a spoon of beeswax, add 2-3 drops of vitamin E oil. And stir it on low flame till it melts. And be careful that it does not splatter or boil. Pour it into a small empty box, and leave for a couple of hours with the lid off until the lip balm sets and is ready to use.