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Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman top influencer in Entertainment.


Lilly Singh AKA a superwomen placed the top on Forbes as number one Influencer In Entertainment, and she is the highest paid Youtuber in women. All you need to know about her. Watch her videos on youtube.

Lilly Singh AKA

Lilly Singh AKA is popular fro everything in the entertainment category, from acting to comedy, right through dancing and even rapping, she has insane followers for her sketch comedy videos and vlogs. She performs as All-rounder in the entertainment category. Appeared in a number of American TV shows like tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, last year Lilly Singh won People’s Choice Award, she wrote a book on how to be a “bawse”, and went to world tour to promote it.

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Lilly Singh AKA has named the number one entertainment influencer, by Forbes magazine! Now, we have to appreciate her. When she took to Instagram to reveal the news, she had a powerful message for all women. Lilly said that she hesitated before posting about her achievement, despite being a feminist and a strong believer in female empowerment. But she realized that any negativity should just be ignored, and she needs to embrace being proud of her achievements and what her hard work brings. And she hopes that all women stop belittling their accomplishments for fear of perception because they deserve all the good things they get.

Seriously, ladies deserve all the happiness and achievements you get in life, and there’s nothing bad about you being proud of it, so go out there and own it! And congratulations to one of our favorite ladies, Lilly, for inspiring us as she always does. For more updates follow us on Facebook.