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New Mammal Species Discovered In Indonesia


Sometimes the inventions and discoveries by researchers create great noise and get the attention of many all over. One such is the new mammal species that were discovered in Indonesia.

Hog-Nosed Rat
Researchers had named these new mammal-species as hog-nosed rat. These new mammal-species had some features that were not seen before.
Some features of these new mammal-species included the presence of big ears and long snouts and they were not only recognized as new species but as new genus itself.
It was also said that Dr Kevin Rowe, Museum Victoria researcher was amazed to see this new type of mammal.
Other unique features of this mammal species were the presence of long hind legs, small mouth opening.
These new mammal-species weighed around 250 grams and they were around 45 cm in length.
It must be noted that these newly found mammal species were related to group of other rodents and labelled as ”shrew rats” and these mammal species were found in an island in Indonesia. Fantastic!!