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Actress Saloni Chopra Wiki, Biography And Personal Life.


Saloni Chopra is Indian model and actress hailed from Mumbai (Maharashtra). And, Saloni became popular with the short film titled Maya, MTV Girls on Top TV Show and Padmavati (2017). Also, she is appearing on Race 3 which is going to release in 2018.

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Saloni Chopra Biography (Wiki):

Actress Saloni Chopra Dating a Bollywood Actor
Actress Saloni Chopra With Satyajeet Dubey.

Dia Chopra is Saloni Chopra’s mother and her father name was not revealed. Saloni has one brother Sahil, she did schooling from St. Joseph’s Convent High School. Later she attended the University of Mumbai. Saloni Chopra age is 27 she was born in 1991, she is unmarred. But, Saloni is in relation with Satyajeet Dubey.

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Free The Nipple campaign 2014:

Actress Saloni Chopra is the 1st Indian to Join the Free The Nipple Campaign. She has shared a powerful message on her social profile Instagram. Which says about bras and how people are embarrassed to accept the breasts as a part of the body?

"Life is like a Bra…" And women need to be more open about their sexuality. Whichever absurd person decided that it would be okay for a man to roam around shirtless, in his boxers, but girls can't even be seen in a Bra – surely did a hell lot of damage to our society. Did you know there are still people who have a problem with a girls Bra Strap showing?! The strap?!?!?! People that don't like it when the shape of your bra is visible from the top you're wearing. I've been around a few such diseased people. And you can't tell that they're affected by this narrow minded disease when you first meet them. They look normal. They make you feel wonderful at the start. They're the ones that follow bold models on Instagram & keep porn on their phones. They come across as extremely open minded. They'll talk to you about feminism and global warming. And trust me, it's usually that "Bra Strap" that arouses them in the first place – and then BAM! You're being told its "just for them to see". You should dress more "appropriately" in public. If you meet these diseased people, you could A. Send them to a Doctor, or B. Ask them to go fuck themselves. I honestly don't see what the problem with lingerie is? I wear it. Yes. Am I suppose to act like I'm NOT wearing it by hiding it completely? It's a piece of clothing that covers my breasts. Just like a skirt covers my legs. Or sleeves cover my shoulders. What's the big damn deal? The term breasts? Is it a girls Boobs that make this world uncomfortable? Are men THAT weak? I mean trust me, it's not like our boobs are holy or sacred. They're just…. A part of the body. Stop asking women to feel uncomfortable about it. Our breasts are not our "respect and dignity". Men flaunt their chests, while girls won't even hold a Bra in their hand publicly. Well… I will. Because I'm not ashamed of it. I have nothing to hide. Lingerie is not something that needs to be hidden. In fact, it's quite pretty, isn't it? I'm tired of women themselves constantly feeling like they've to be ashamed of everything. Pads. Tampons. Lingerie. Our body. Our desires. Sex. Let's put an end to that. Free the god damn mind. #FreeTheNipple @freethenipple

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What is Free The Nipple:

Free the nipple is a global campaign which was started in 2014. The main aim of Free The Nipple is to argue that women and men should have equal rights, freedom, and protection under the law. This movement aims to advance gender equality and opposes sexual objectification. Hence, freeing the nipple is also a reaction towards female censorship.

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