Substratum Theme engine is a theme engine being developed by the same team that brought many popular CM13 themes. Substratum Themes supports Samsung touch wiz without root and AOSP-based custom ROM. Substratum can customize Stock Android and many Custom ROMs out there. here is the substratum themes free download List.

Substratum theme engine

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The substratum is the future of Customization. It took the place of CM theme engine. After discontinuation of CM, the developers came up with Substratum and today Substratum is the best theme engine and got a ton of beautiful themes. There is a big passionate community behind Substratum. The substratum is an app which can be downloaded from the Play Store. All of the themes are available on Play Store. I have selected 11 best Substratum themes for Android.

2017’s Best Substratum Themes Download here:

GRVY for Substratum:

GRVY for Substratum

GRVY theme has both i.e. dark and light tone. There are the lot of Customization options in GRVY which makes it one the most customizable theme out there. The Iconography of this theme is absolutely brilliant. All the Icons are unique and looks good. The level of Customization of the theme is one the best features, play with all settings and make a totally unique, colorful and a theme of your taste.

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Flux Theme:

Flux Theme

Flux theme is designed with Material UI, making it a modern looking theme. Flux theme uses high-quality vector graphics and a Darker tone UI. The theme looks absolutely vibrant and Beautiful. There are the lot of Customization to work with so you can build a Theme of your choice.  You can change colors, choose a boot animation and choose a different font.

Android O theme:

Download Android O theme

Android O theme is based on Android next OS i.e. Android O. If you want to get Android O theme on your device then tries this one. This theme has a white accent and very clean fonts. The UI is very clean and you will love this theme.

ModernUI Theme:

ModernUI Theme

ModernUI is a dark theme which is based on Windows Phone 10 design. With a dark background and blue accent, this theme looks amazing.

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Download PitchBlack Theme

PitchBlack is a dark android. With the balance between materialism, minimalism and various epic color combinations, you can customize it the way you want.

The theme has two types of Navigation bar overlays, many types of network indicators and two fonts. So there are many things to Customize and build a perfect theme of your choice. This theme also got 2 boot animations to make the boot more stylish.

Belo Theme:

Download Belo Theme

Belo theme is one the best-looking theme on the list. With the light tone and all custom icons, this theme is very clean and minimalistic. With the faded progress bars, light tone, and Custom Icons, you will fall in love with it.

 Transparent Theme:

Download Transparent Theme

This theme is like a glass. This theme is transparent and makes many apps of your ROM transparent. The other features are that you can choose a wallpaper for the background. So every new wallpaper basically makes a new theme.

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The best part is: You can choose a live wallpaper. Just think the level of customization of this theme. You can customize other things like colors and fonts. There are some wallpapers included in the theme.

InversionUI Theme:

Download InversionUI Theme

Inversion UI has a look of Stock Android UI, but with a darker tone.  The Icons and UI are based on Android marshmallow.

S8 Navbar Theme:

Download S8 Navbar Theme

S8 Navbar is a theme which brings Samsung Galaxy S8 Navigation bar onto your Device. You have two types of icons i.e. Normal and small sized navigation bar icons to choose from!

Streamlined Light Theme:

Download Streamlined Light Theme

The design of this theme is based on Lines. Icons are designed in a mesh style while giving a clean and minimalistic look.  With a 4.6 Rating on Play store, this theme is loved by many Android Users.

A Swift Dark Substratum Theme:

A Swift Dark Substratum Theme

Make your UI darker. A swift Dark theme makes your Android UI darker while keeping the icons and fonts stock.

Conclusion: This was the list of best Substratum themes for Android. The Substratum is the best theme engine right now and it’s worth a shot. Choose the themes from the list and try them. And do not forget to share your favorite themes for Substratum, or if I missed any great theme then share it in the Comment section. Follow us on Facebook for more updates.