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Sexual Harassment Online Complaints System


An Electronic Platform Available Soon for Government Employees. To Report Sexual Harassment Cases Online.

Sexual Harassment Online Complaint

Sexual Harassment Online Complaints:

In a move aimed to strengthen against sexual harassment at workplace, the ministry of women and child development is planning to launch an electron platform in this month to make easy to file Sexual Harassment complaints Online.

This new platform enables women employees of the central government to file their complaints in such cases online. It will be a reporting mechanism like the e-box for cases of sexual abuse of children.

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The Union government has the strength of 30.87 lakh employees. As per the census of central government employees of 2011, women found 10.93% in the total force.

Women and Child Development (WCD) Minister Maneka Gandhi told reporters that “We are going to launch an online platform where women can file sexual harassment-related complaints,” and the e-platform will be hosted on the WCD ministry’s website.

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“We hope our ICCs work in such a way that hopefully, we will not have the need for using such a platform to seek redressal. Also, we have had an e-box facility for the last one year for children to file complaints anonymously. We have received hundreds of cases through that,” Maneka Gandhi said.