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Why You Need To Start A Startup?

Starting a Startup is not easy, have to come up with new and innovative ideas and strategies. Almost 50% startups are failed to success, Startup is a long run, success will not come soon.
Why You Need To Start A Startup
The Indian government also supporting startups and entrepreneurs. Here is the guide to Start a startup.

Reasons Behind Why You Need To Start A Startup:

  1. You Will Have Free Time Of Your Life.
  2. You Have The Power To Create Something From Nothing.
  3. A World Of Knowledge Is Available.
  4. Cloud Computing and Web Apps Make It Cheap To Start.
  5. Location Is not Important At First.
  6. You Can Get Press And Attention Overnight.
  7. There Are More Customer Acquisition Channels Than Ever Before.
  8. It’s Possible To Make A Living From A Startup Fairly Fast
  9. The Capital To Grow Is Widely Available If You Need It
  10. You Will Make Friends And Connections That Will Last A Lifetime
  11. The Amount Of New Platforms And Technologies Is Staggering
  12. Finding Out Whether You Are Right Takes Far Less Risk
  13. A Traditional “Job” Isn’t Much More Secure In The Long Run
  14. The Worst That Can Happen, Isn’t Really That Bad

Startup Strategy and Expert Views:

You have an interesting situation. Let me share a funny experience I have gone through recently.

A few days ago, I was going for a morning walk in the countryside. A car was passing by and a dog started barking and chasing it. Suddenly, from nowhere, many other dogs joined it.

After 30-40 meters the car stopped and the driver came out asking for directions. And the dogs following it stopped, some stood there for a few seconds, some went away and some again followed it for a few meters.

I could not make out why they were running after the car and even once they caught it; they’d have nothing to do with it!

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Take Away: If you do not know what you want then you would waste time running after anything and everything. Clarity is very important about why you want to go for a startup.

Your Turn Now: What is your reason for a startup? Is it at least a bit realistic reason? How can you improve on it further?

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