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Alcohol Consumption States in India [V6 Documentary Video]


According to statistics from the Union ministry of health, Telangana Placed at the top among southern states in Alcohol Consumption.

Alcohol Consumption in India, Alcohol Consumption in Telangana State

By gender, the report says 53.9% men and 8.8% women of Telangana People consume alcohol. Official Data reveals that the consumption of alcohol in most states in higher in rural areas than in cities.

Highest Alcohol Consumption State in India:

Telangana State Placed top in Alcohol Consumption in the Southern States. In Telangana 46.0% men in rural areas consume alcohol as against 61.2% in city areas. In all, 2.7% of women in rural areas and 14.3% of women in cities and towns consume alcohol. Checkout the details in video.

And also, Tamil Nadu is one of the high alcohol consuming states. In Tamil Nadu 47.4% of men in rural areas and 46 % of men in urban areas consume alcohol. Only 0.5% of women in urban areas and 0.3 % of women in rural areas take alcohol.

Lowest Alcohol Consumption state in India:

Kerala State is the lowest alcohol consuming southern state with 40.8 % of men in urban areas and 32.8 % of men in rural areas consuming alcohol. The data shows that women outnumber men in alcohol consumption by 2.4 percent in Kerala.

State wise Alcohol Consumption in India:

Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Uttarakhand and West Bengal saw a fall in the percentage of men consuming alcohol over that of last 10 years. The trend is similar for women in these states except in Uttarakhand. The 10 years’ figures are not available for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana due to state bifurcation.

The percentage of men consuming alcohol has increased in Goa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu along with Puducherry. A rise in the percentage of men consuming alcohol has also been recorded in Sikkim and Tripura. Among women, Sikkim and Goa saw a rise in consumption.

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