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UIDAI Going to Punish Illegal Agencies and Operators


UIDAI Going to Punish Illegal Agencies and Operators And Also Blacklisted Them: UIDAI Chief

UIDAI Going to Punish: The nation has hopped on to the Aadhaar verification system and the country is using the identification system more than ever, news about Aadhaar leak and Aadhaar agents charging Rs 300 for registration process is now uncontrolled and the UIDAI wants to put an end to this.

How does UIDAI plan to do this? in an interview with News18, UIDAI chief Ajay Bushan Pandey said that strong action will be taken against offenders.

And he explained that UIDAI appoints registrars to get the work done and the registrars then appoint agencies to complete the work. And these agencies are must certified by the UIDAI forming a chain of trust from level to level.

Look How UIDAI Going to Punish: “There are some agencies that are not worthy of this trust” said Pandey referring to how easily Aadhaar data can be accessed online . The UIDAI would use the Aadhaar Act and barr these agencies for life. Moreover, he claims that punishment even includes 3 years of imprisonment.

Pandey explained that the UIDAI first blacklists the operator and then prosecutes it by the Aadhaar Act.

The news comes in the light of the Aadhaar data being easily available online.

It was just recently that a Reddit thread raised the issue, with a consolidated report on the “Aadhaar data leak”.

A simple Google search reveals thousands of databases, that contain Aadhaar numbers along with other sundry personal data according to the source of the database. These include, names, names of parents, PAN numbers, mobile numbers, religion, marks, status of rejection of applications, bank account numbers, IFSC codes and other sensitive information. None of these are a problem with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the agency that manages the Aadhaar initiative.

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