Clue App is the top rated Priod and Ovulation Tracker app which prefferd by top doctors and researchers.Clue App is the top rated Period and Ovulation Tracker app which preferred by top doctors and researchers. Which will help you to understand and track your menstrual cycle by allowing you to predict your next period, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), and when you are most or least likely to get pregnant.

Clue New Feature: “ Now, You can share your cycle (period, ovulation and Premenstrual Syndrome) with your partner, family or friends through Clue Connect!”

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It is easier to knowing your upcoming cycle predictions and tracking with a mobile application called Clue, which runs on both Android and iOS. The Clue app has a brand new Clue widget which allows you a preview of your upcoming predictions like how many days until your next period, Premenstrual Syndrome or fertile window, the widget allows you to track your top 5 categories quickly, straight from the notification center. The 5 categories that appear in the widget are your first five categories shown in your Clue app (remember, you can shuffle these around by simply pressing an icon and dragging it).

How to add Clue App widget:

Go to your home screen and swipe right. Scroll down to the bottom of your widgets and click ‘Edit.’ Add Clue to your widgets. Download Clue App for Android and iOS.

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