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Worlds heaviest women transferred to India for treatment.


A 36 years old Egyptian women, Eman Ahmad (500 kg) worlds heaviest women has had a long wait as no airlines willing to fly her from Egypt to India previously. She has not even stepped out of her house in Cairo, since past 25 years.

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Eman has arrived to Mumbai International airport on Feb, 12 2017 at 4 am on an Egyptian Air plain, along with her sister Shaimaa Ahmed. A city based bariatric surgeon Muffazal Lakdawala and his team have been treating her for almost three months. The team of doctors have been in Egypt for last 10 days, they took all the precautions needed for transportation of bed bound from Egypt. She would be under observation for a month before she undergoes surgery, they said.

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As a precautionary measure, a specialbed was created by local Egyptian artisans, the flight was also furnished with required emergency equipment  such as portable defibrillator, portable ventilator, intubating laryngoscopes, oxygen cylinders and other safety drugs.

Eman has transported by fully equipped truck from Mumbai International airport. She fallowed by a ambulance and police escort to Saifee Hospital, there is a special room which created for her.

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